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Global, Ethical Leaders: Now. . . More Than Ever

Everyone is looking for great leaders.  Our mission in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is to help nurture and create them.  That's why our numbers have grown…and why exceptional men and women are drawn to be in the Corps in increasing numbers.

A significant part of the university since its establishment in 1872, we have continually evolved into a world-class, leader development program that still understands that at the root of great leaders is great character.  This is more than classroom work.  This is 24-7, four-year, in-residence, practical ethical, leader development community.  Our cadets wear uniforms…not just because of tradition…but because they are making a statement that they have committed to a course of study, a set of high standards, and a way of life, that not all choose to aspire to.  

While many of our graduates go on to distinguished careers in the US military, a quarter…and that number is growing…are here to prepare for challenging and rewarding careers in the public and private sector.  Together these young men and women are the people we all have been hoping for.  To make our communities better.  To make our country stronger.  To make the world a better place to live and grow.

If you are a friend or an alumnus…welcome home.  If you are new to Virginia Tech and the Corps…we hope this is the start of a relationship and a journey toward your own, personal, leadership excellence.


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1st Lt. David Jacobs, U.S. Air Force, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Class of 2011 standing in front of a C-130J aircraft. 1st Lt. David Jacobs, U.S. Air Force, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Class of 2011.

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Corps of Cadets adds mentoring program to its honor system

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The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Honor Code is as old as the organization itself and unique for its toleration clause that holds cadets accountable for their own actions as well as the actions of others.

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