Minor in Leadership

Cadets have the opportunity to demonstrate a higher degree of engagement and leader development through their pursuit and completion of a minor in leadership studies.

About the minor

Updated: April 7, 2017

The transition is now underway for the Corps of Cadets to move from three minors — Minor in Leadership Studies Military Track (LDMI), Minor in Leadership Studies Military and Civic-Professions Track (LDRP), and Minor in Leadership Studies Civic-Professions Track (LDRC) — to one minor, the Leadership Minor Corps of Cadets (LMCC). The checksheets for all four minors can be found at the University Registrar’s website.

Following is a brief overview. Interested parties need to review the official checksheet for all information regarding the requirements of this minor.

1. A minimum of 22 credit hours consisting of:

Sixteen credit hours that include:

  • Satisfactory completion of the appropriate Corps Lab for a minimum of six semesters (transfer cadets must complete at least five semesters)
  • The remaining credits must be earned by satisfactory completion of either the appropriate ROTC course (for commissioning cadets) or Pro Lab (for non-commissioning cadets)

Six credit hours must include:

  • Satisfactory completion of MGT 3304 (Management Theory and Leadership Practice)
  • Satisfactory completion of PHIL 2304 (Global Ethics)

2. Leadership Progression

  • Satisfactory completion of either three qualifying Corps leadership positions or two qualifying Corps leadership positions and one qualifying ROTC leadership position
  • A cadet must pass at least two ROTC or Corps Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) (or alternate test in case of physical disability) during his/her cadet career with at least one of those passing scores being earned during the senior year in the Corps.

Academic minors involve the year a cadet is graduating from Virginia Tech, not the Corps. So a cadet who is a member of the Corps' Class of 2017 but who is graduating from Virginia Tech in 2018 is considered “Class of 2018” where the minor is concerned.