Caldwell March

Cadets make the first of two Caldwell Marches. This is the first half of the 26-mile journey made in 1872 by Addison Caldwell, the first cadet and student at Virginia Tech. The first-year cadets will complete the second half of the march in the spring at the conclusion of their training year.

A cadet carries a unit flag during the Caldwell March

First-year cadets and their training cadre trace in the fall the first half of the 26-mile journey Addison Caldwell, Virginia Tech’s first student, made in 1872. They complete the second half in the spring.

Many alumni, families, and friends support the first-year cadets as they march as Caldwell March sponsors. Anyone who donates $500 or more to the Commandant’s Priorities Fund automatically becomes a sponsor.  

To honor a specific cadet, include his or her name in the comment section of the online gift form at

The deadline for the spring march is April 4, 2020. 

Please call 540-231-2892 for more information.