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      • Life is About Challenges

        Maj. Susan Frank has spent her working life serving the U.S. Air Force as a logistics readiness officer.

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      • Welcome to NSA Bahrain

        Over 8,000 U.S. military personnel, civilians, and their families live in Bahrain and work on the base, and in addition to providing services to military commands, the base provides life support services to these Americans.


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      • Our Amicable Ambassador

        Growley is a friendly face that invites people to get to know the Corps. For the cadets who take care of him, there couldn’t be a better dog for the job.


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The Back Cover

The fall 2017 regimental staff poses for a picture in front of Lane Hall.

The fall 2017 regimental staff poses for a picture in front of Lane Hall.
The regimental staff for the fall semester are, from left, Benjamin Reilly ‘18, Amanda Jacobson ‘18, Virginia Frischkorn ‘18, Daniel Steiner ‘18, Mairead Novak ‘18, Nicholas Chan ‘18, Casey Soper ‘18, and Patrick Munro ‘17. Photo by H. Pat Artis VT’71.

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